This week we will be focusing on b-roll footage (just to make us sound like real cinematographers).  As Dave Dugdale states in the homework video I posted b-roll is “supplemental footage” that supports the story being told.  For our purposes, this will be detail shots of the main action or maybe even an establishing shot showing a wide angle view of the location where the action is occurring.  For example, if you are filming a child painting or drawing your b-roll may include extreme close up shots of the child’s fingers grasping the paintbrush and laying down strokes of paint on the paper.  An establishing shot of the same subject could be filmed from as far away as possible- maybe even from another room looking through the doorway.  My example was shot over the weekend with my sister in Chicago.  We kayaked on the Chicago River.  My first four shots are details of that experience.  I did not include an establishing shot, but I could have shot the river from an overhead bridge after our trip and included other kayaks.  I like to include “b-roll” in my family videos for a couple of reasons- mixing action shots with detail and/or establishing shots provides visual variety which is much more engaging to watch.  B-roll also lets me focus on the details of daily life in a creative way.  When I think back to my own childhood there are details of my life that I can remember only vaguely like the wagon my mom used to pull me in or the giraffe coat rack in my room.  I like the idea of including these little details in our family films as a bit of nostalgia.  I also love seeing the chubby little fingers of a three year old grasping a crayon.  These are moments you feel like you will never forget, but sadly we do.

Your challenge this week is to create a 5×5 of b-roll.  You can include detail shots, establishing shots and even include stills if you would like.  Thanks to everyone who has shared their 5×5’s on my blog or on the 12 Weeks Facebook page.  You are doing wonderful work!!!

Here is my Challenge #4 video . . .

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