Owen and I stopped at the Blue Ash Memorial this morning.  He is so fascinated with flags- especially flags that are blowing.  I really think it all started last Memorial Day when someone handed him a flag at the parade.  Ever since then he spots them everywhere- big and small.  When we drive down the road he sits in his car seat yelling “Look!  Look!  Blowing!”.  He doesn’t stop until you acknowledge him.  Everytime I take him to Kim’s house he gets all upset if her flag is wound around the pole.  She keeps a dowel rod on hand to fix it.  He won’t go inside until she does.

He absolutely LOVED the Blue Ash Memorial.  He was mezmerized by the flags.  He would stand at each flag pole (about ten of them) and just stare at the flags blowing.  He was also facinated by the bronze statues.  He stood by each one and studied it.  He even held the hand of the woman veteran.  In the last two photos you can see him sticking his flag into the ground.  Then he just stood back and watched his flag blow with the others.

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March 31, 2007 - 6:49 pm

Laura - Do you think he is going to wear a uniform someday. He does know it yet but he is very patriotic. He’s so cute.

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