Challenge #10: Finding Creative Angles

To me, and interesting photograph is one that makes me see something in a new way.  Every time I take a photograph I challenge myself to find that unique perspective.  I don’t always find it, but I do always think about it.  One of my favorite photos of the Fourth of July fireworks is the one of Owen above.  Instead of photographing the fireworks themselves I chose to focus on Owen’s reaction from his eye level which fortunately included reflected light and smoke from the show.  When I took the top photo of the kids on the tire swing at Put-in-Bay I literally shot it from every angle I possibly could.  I loved this “ant’s eye view” of the bottoms of their dirty feet.  There is another photo in the collage above from the tire swing where I am shooting in between two of the kids on the swing.  The beauty of digital cameras is that if you try something that doesn’t work out so well you can just delete the photo. 

For this challenge I want you to choose one subject or activity (get your kids engaged in something that they will do for awhile- like swinging) and shoot it from every conceivable angle.  Try a bird’s eye view, a bug’s eye view, get down to a child’s eye level, lay on the ground and position yourself above the action on a deck or even a ladder.  Try to fill the frame with interesting elements and angles.  This means you need to be aware of EVERYTHING that is in your viewfinder.  You may even want to try this first with an object that doesn’t move and again with kids that are in constant motion.  The photos below were taken at a junk yard.  I did this very exercise without even really thinking about it.  I was drawn to this old tricycle and I wanted to find the best angle to shoot it from. 

I think you will really surprise yourself with this challenge.  Go have fun with it!

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September 7, 2011 - 12:37 am

Jani - I tried to capture some interesting angles with vase of flowers for week 10.

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