Challenge #3: Capturing Emotion

I just realized that I never posted the next challenge on my blog.  I’ve been posting them religiously on the “12 Weeks of Summer” Facebook page.  Check there if you don’t see the challenge here.  Click HERE to see the full version of this challenge.

I re-read what I wrote last year for this challenge. I still feel exactly the same about the importance of capturing emotion. In fact, I feel like this is probably my number #1 goal when shooting. I want a smile to be a *real* smile . . . prompted by happiness, not saying the word “cheese”. It’s not always easy to get those smiles.  The photo above if a couple years old.  It’s the first time Owen had seen fireworks up close and personal.  His reaction was epic.  In fact, I shot almost every photo that night with my back to the fireworks.

Challenge yourself to capture some real emotion this week. Post your results for everyone to see! The Father’s Day posts were AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for sharing Carmen, Ruth Ann and Lisa! By the way feel free to share your challenge photo anytime . . . even if you are a little (or a lot) behind schedule. Now, go have FUN!

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