Elle is FOUR!!

I can hardly believe my baby girl is four years old?!  We had a pretty low key night of cake eating and present opening.  The boys had “Santa’s Workshop” this week at school and I was very impressed that each of them also bought Elle a birthday gift all on their own!!  Isaac got Elle a princess hat (perfect!), Owen bought her a coffee mug with hot chocolate and candy (she LOVES “chocolate” tea parties) and Truitt got her a Christmas rubber duck to play with in the tub.  What awesome brothers 🙂  Elle LOVED her Disney Princess play house.  It’s 11:30 and she’s still playing with it (while wearing her Stompeez slippers from her best bud Mags of course!!).  I’m getting ready to go downstairs, read her new book from Aunt B and put my little four year old princess to bed.

By the way, we are entering the time of year when I’m forced to use my flash (which I know very little about).  The color was so whacked out on the Truitt and Elle pic that I opted to make it b+w.  These are not the best pics . . . I really need to learn how to use my flash!!  Maybe that will be a 2103 resolution :).

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December 8, 2012 - 9:28 am

Jani - The balloon pics with the Christmas tree are beautiful. The title of the book is great. Happy Birthday Elle!

December 9, 2012 - 3:35 pm

Jodi - Happy birthday sweet Elle!

December 10, 2012 - 9:51 am

Jeanie - These are super adorable. Elle is lucky to have such good brothers! Happy Birthday to Elle!

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