Gramps is 90!

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Another birthday, my grandpa is 90 today!  We celebrated last weekend during Easter.  My grandpa is truly and amazing man.  He makes ninety look mighty good.  Here’s a little story he told me last weekend that kind of sums it up.  A friend of Gramps’ told him about an article she read in the doctor’s office that he might be interested in.  The article was in Glamour Girl magazine (hee hee).  Anyway, knowing that he probably wouldn’t get to the store in time to get the current issue of Glamour Girl he decided to just find the article online- and he did.  Now , I have friend’s that A. wouldn’t think of looking the article up online and B.  wouldn’t know how to do that even if they did think of it.  You may remember my post announcing his blog (click here).  I can only hope that I have been blessed with Gramps’ longevity and zest for life.

 Happy (official) 90th Gramps!  We love you!

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June 10, 2007 - 7:53 pm

» Blog Archive » Fun with MY family! - […] It’s not often that my family gets together.  This weekend my cousin Mindy, Steve and Cooper drove all the way from Florida and my cousin Andrew, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Diane drove in from Philly.  Mike and Lori came in too.  We all went to Cedar Point for a fun-filled day.  My unbelievable grandfather (did I mention he’s 90 years old—–> click here) came with us and walked ALL over Cedar Point.  I’ve always said that I’ve admired his spunk .  Gramps walked with us from 11am until 8pm then he, Andrew and Grandma kindly drove Owen home (who had had enough for one day).  The rest of us closed down the park!  The boys (all four) had such a blast together as did the adults.  It was so much fun to hang out with my cousins again! […]

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