I love finding things like this . . .

True Star Wars.jpg

I found this great drawing in Truitt’s backpack.  If you have sons you will probably recognize some of these little images- R2-D2, light sabers, AT-AT’s.  Yep, it’s Star Wars.  I always save these drawings in special folder.  I love looking at them and I know the boys will too when they get older.

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May 23, 2007 - 12:54 am

Barb - I know exactly how you feel. I saved a lot of the girls pictures too and now I have some of Kaleb’s. It is a great thing to have at a high school graduation party. Melissa was glad to share her stuff with everyone when she graduated. I even have a few pictures from Sammy when she was little and now I have one on the fridge that Jersey did once while visiting.

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