Pratville, Alabama


We travel to Fort Walton Beach each year in August.  It’s our tradition to stop overnight in Prattville, Alabama  . . . always in the same hotel.  In 2009 I took a photo of all four kids in the hotel room and it’s become a tradition to take the same photo each year.  I just got around to finding this years photo.  It’s hard to believe how much time has passed since that first photo.

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Here are a few highlights from Instagram over the summer.  I consider Instagram my photo “sketchbook”  All photos are taken with my iPhone with the exception of a few with my Go Pro.  I have a Lifeproof waterproof case that I’m not afraid to dunk underwater, but I primarily used my GoPro in the ocean this summer.  It’s easier to hang on to and it takes incredible underwater pics!

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Challenge Twelve: “Floating” challenge Vacation/Staycation


Your 12th and final challenge was a “floating” challenge.  Hopefully you were able to document your vacation or staycation.  Here are a few pics from our time in Ft. Walton Beach.  I have been so crazy with the start of school that I haven’t had a chance to even look at all my photos.  Sadly, we are the the end of our 12 weeks of summer, but if you stuck with the challenges you have beautiful images to remember those lazy summer days :).  Your FINAL challenge is to DO something with those photos.  Here are some ideas from a past blog post . . . .  I know our lives get much crazier as school starts, but don’t forget to pick up that camera and capture all the craziness.  Thanks to everyone who hung in there until the end!

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Challenge Eleven: Beautiful Light


This week’s challenge is to seek out beautiful light.  The “golden” hour is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.  I love shooting at dusk.  The light is a beautiful and warm. Observe the light around you this week.  Take note of when the sunlight streams into your windows at home.   Think about shooting silhouettes closer to sunset. Next weeks challenge is the “floating” challenge.  You will be using a photo from your summer vacation or staycation!  It’s hard to believe our 12 Weeks of Summer is coming to an end.

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Challenge Ten: Fun Family Portrait


I’m posting Challenge Ten a little early since we will be hitting the road soon.  This week’s challenge is to take a really *FUN* family photo.  Don’t worry if you can’t see everyone’s face clearly in this shot.  I want the focus to be on FUN!  I posted some shots I’ve taken of my family to give you some ideas.  Jumping shots are always a hit.  You could also have your kids make funny faces, race to you, play “Red light/Green light”, roll down a hill, anything you can possible think of . . . I guarantee you will have some priceless expressions.   Ideally, you should be a part of this photo so feel free to hand the camera to someone else for this challenge.  I realize that’s not always possible so fun photos of your kids works just as well.  ENJOY this challenge!!

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