Challenge Eleven: Beautiful Light


This week’s challenge is to seek out beautiful light.  The “golden” hour is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.  I love shooting at dusk.  The light is a beautiful and warm. Observe the light around you this week.  Take note of when the sunlight streams into your windows at home.   Think about shooting silhouettes closer to sunset. Next weeks challenge is the “floating” challenge.  You will be using a photo from your summer vacation or staycation!  It’s hard to believe our 12 Weeks of Summer is coming to an end.

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Challenge Ten: Fun Family Portrait


I’m posting Challenge Ten a little early since we will be hitting the road soon.  This week’s challenge is to take a really *FUN* family photo.  Don’t worry if you can’t see everyone’s face clearly in this shot.  I want the focus to be on FUN!  I posted some shots I’ve taken of my family to give you some ideas.  Jumping shots are always a hit.  You could also have your kids make funny faces, race to you, play “Red light/Green light”, roll down a hill, anything you can possible think of . . . I guarantee you will have some priceless expressions.   Ideally, you should be a part of this photo so feel free to hand the camera to someone else for this challenge.  I realize that’s not always possible so fun photos of your kids works just as well.  ENJOY this challenge!!

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Week Seven Challenge: Self-Portrait


This is will definitely be one of the tougher challenges for me.  I’m not a huge fan of seeing myself in photos, but it’s necessary.  My kids need to see  me in photos years from now and they need to see you too.  So suck it up and get in the frame :).  We all know how to take a selfie, but I challenge you to also try some unique ways of capturing your beautiful self.  Try shooting reflections or shadows.  I also feel much better taking a selfie if my kids or friends are in the frame as well.  Above all, have fun and don’t be too critical on this one!

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