Week 50: Four Speelmans Weekly

Happy 12th birthday True!!  Lunch at Tom + Chee . . . Truitt’s fav!  He had a grilled American cheese, bacon and crushed BBQ chip sandwich (my fav too!).  Isaac is eating a glazed donut grilled cheese (ack!).  He loves them and swears he could take the bakers dozen challenge (eat 13 grilled cheese donuts and get them free).


*I had to edit this one on my laptop . . . still no pc for me :(.  Hoping Joe can work his magic!

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December 19, 2012 - 10:34 pm

Jani - I have to agree with you and Truitt that is one great grilled cheese but I don’t know about the donut grilled cheese??? Hope things are PC (perfectly computing) with your PC soon. Do Owen and Elle enjoy the food at Tom + Chee? My kiddo was not a happy eater the day we went 🙁

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