12 Weeks of Summer Challenge #6: Family Portrait

If you follow me on Instagram you may already know that last Thursday my family decided to take a super spontaneous road trip.  We literally hopped in the car with a map of the US and started driving west.  I chronicled the entire trip on Instagram.  We literally had no specific end destination in mind-  it was an AWESOME adventure!  We returned home late Tuesday night and we are headed out on another adventure tonight at 6:30pm.  You can follow us on Instagram!  Unfortunately, I did not complete last weeks “homework”.  I shot my video, but I still need to assemble the clips for my self portrait video.   Next week I’ll post my videos for challenges #5 and #6- I promise!!

This week your challenge is to create a family portrait very similar to the self portrait you completed last week.  Your video should include each member of your family, including your pets!!  You should create a 5×5 or add 5 second clips as needed if your family is larger than five members.  If you have less than five members you can include multiple clips of each member.  If you are single, create this video using extended family, close friends or you could even highlight places and spaces that are special to you.  I find that my coverage of each family member is not always equal.  This challenge will help you to round out your coverage.  Have fun!!

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