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Today after school I met up with one of my friends/co-workers and her three adorable kids for a mini photo session.  I haven’t even begun to look through the pics yet because it’s been a crazy soccer practice night.  I did, however, pop two images open because I shot RAW for the first time today and I wanted to try my hand at processing an image (sorry for the techno-mumble-jumble).  I fell in love with this one and had to share.  More to come . . .

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September 20, 2007 - 9:14 pm

Andrea - Melissa this is so cute, they look as if they are playing peek a boo!!

September 21, 2007 - 2:20 pm

JOdi Kinasewitz - TOO CUTE! Jaime- you have beautiful children!

September 21, 2007 - 2:32 pm

Cathy Webb - Jaime – I can’t believe you and Dave made those gorgeous kids!

September 22, 2007 - 1:31 pm

Suzanne Lord - cute cute cute!!!

September 22, 2007 - 11:27 pm

Barb - This is so cute. It really shows their childlike behavior.

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