Our *EPIC* Roadtrip: The Grand Canyon

IMG_7119IMG_7136G0654892G0684903IMG_7125IMG_7130IMG_7139G0584846IMG_7141IMG_7146IMG_7152IMG_7153IMG_7154G0654895G0584847IMG_7160IMG_7163G0634872IMG_7166IMG_7170IMG_7176IMG_7186IMG_7189G0704909IMG_7201IMG_7202G0734930G0724924G0724925IMG_7221IMG_7224IMG_7227IMG_7234IMG_7241IMG_7243IMG_7244IMG_7254IMG_7256-2There are a ton of photos here, but it was really tough to narrow them down.  Photographs truly cannot capture the grandeur of this place. It was absolutely breathtaking. I am so glad we hiked down below the rim even though it was a grueling hike. I would do it again in a heartbeat. We began our hike at the South Kaibab Trail and hiked a little past Ooh Aah Point.  The boys continued hiking almost to Cedar Ridge.  What an incredible experience!

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